Get Fluffy & Fido Ready To Ride Out A Natural Disaster

No one wants to leave behind precious pets during a natural disaster, or find themselves unprepared when forced to stay inside during a storm. It’s not like you can just tell your pet not to freak out, as you can a person, but you can help them feel safe and prepare in case you need to evacuate with them.

The New York Daily News got a few tips from the Humane Society on what to do for your fuzzy friends in times of disaster.

Bring Rover or Mr. Whiskersworth with you when you evacuate. If you aren’t able to get home soon, you don’t want to leave your dog or cat behind. Cats can be tricky to get into carriers, so the Humane Society offers this tip: “Hold the carrier vertically so the door is open and facing up. Gently hold your pet’s legs together (while hugging and smooching him, of course) while you lower him into the carrier. While he’s inside, cover him lightly with a towel. The cozy darkness will soothe him.”

In preparation to be gone from home, pack a separate “go bag” with food, toys, favorite blankets, medications and clean water and water dish for your pet. If you have a cat, pack an aluminum pan and grab newspaper to shred for his litter box.

Of course, if you’re loading up on supplies to stay home during a storm, make sure to do the same for your pet

For more tips on how to care for your pet during natural disasters, check out the NYDN.

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