Locked In A Greyhound Bathroom For More Than An Hour

What’s worse than using the bathroom on a bus? Getting locked in there for an hour and a half. Barbara’s mother decided to use facilities half an hour before her bus was due at its destination, but miscommunication meant that a mechanic was never summoned, and she remained trapped for an hour and fifteen minutes.

She sent this letter to an executive summarizing her experience and the brush-off she’s received from customer service.

I and my friend took bus #[redacted] from [redacted] on August 15, 2011. Our bus left at 1:00pm and was due in [destination] at 3:00 pm. Around 2:30 I decided to use the restroom in the back of the bus. When I tried to leave the the room, I was unable to unlock the door. After pounding on the door, I rang the emergency button. The driver stopped the bus and tried to open the door, but was unable to do so.

He radioed the depot and requested that a mechanic meet the bus when it arrived. The bus safely arrived in [destination], but with me still in the restroom, and no mechanic available to open the door. Many attempts were made to open the door. The bus driver did everything in his power to fix the problem. I asked several times for a screwdriver. I thought that I might be able to unscrew the lock. Eventually I was given a screwdriver through the trashcan slot and unscrewed one screw, but I needed a flashlight in order to get to the other screw.

Finally a mechanic arrived. The mechanic stated that although the passengers heard my driver radio for a mechanic, he never got the message. Around 3:45 pm I was freed from the restroom. I went immediately to customer service. I was told to fill out a complaint form addressed to you, which I did. I was given the impression that I would hear from you.

A week passed and I heard nothing. I finally called on August 22nd, and spoke to a woman who said she was your secretary or administrative assistant. She said that she knew nothing of the situation, and expressed sincere concern. She said that you had been on vacation the week before, and that was most likely why you had not got back to me. She assured me that I would receive a phone call the next day after she had a chance to investigate the incident.

Here it is, August 24th, and and no one has gotten back to me. I called and left a message before writing this email. This was not a pleasant situation, and it could have been dangerous. I was locked in the restroom for about one hour and fifteen minutes.

The problem with this letter is that the writer never mentions what she wants from Greyhound. Is she planning to sue? If so, then it’s understandable that Greyound wouldn’t answer. Does she wants the rest room locks modified on every bus in the fleet? Does she want her ticket refunded? Making that clear makes it easier for companies to respond.

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