"Hacker Fares": Kayak Helps You Book Two One-WayFlights

Here’s one of those ideas where you’re like, “Why didn’t I think of doing that?” Or maybe you already do, in which case, wow you are soo smart: As it might be cheaper to book two one-way airline tickets, fare aggregating site Kayak is helping you with its new helpful “Hacker Fares.”

So what exactly is a Hacker Fare? As in, hacking your price? As MSNBC explains, customers can troll through prices on airfare sites and essentially, book their round-trip trip as two different one-way flights on different airlines.

Introduced this week, Kayak.com now has a pop-up offering the Hacker Fare option, worked out by one of their own so you don’t have to do as much searching.

“Our chief scientist had been doing it for years so he just decided to build it,” said Robert Birge, Kayak’s chief marketing officer. “If we find a cheaper pair, we’ll show it as a Hacker Fare.”

It’s different than simply different airlines on each end of your trip, known as interline fares, as it’s two separate bookings. And, it might not always work out that you save money, but hey, if you’ve got a tool doing the hard work for you, might as well try!

Have you had any success booking flights this way?

*Thanks to Brian L. for the tip!

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