Russia Wants To Connect With Alaska Via Tunnel

In what at a first glance seems like an supervillain plot from a James Bond movie, Russia wants to dig a 64-mile tunnel that connects Siberia and Alaska. The $65 billion project would allow for travel via a high-speed railway and connect the countries with energy links and fiber optic cable.

The Times of London reports the tunnel has been under consideration for more than 100 years. The project is billed as a crucial economic link between the two continents that could provide faster movement of oil, gas and electricity from Russia to the U.S. and Canada, and could save $20 billion in annual electricity costs.

Next week in Moscow, supporters will present a proposal for an intergovernmental agreement between Russia and the U.S. to get the project rolling. Russia’s complex business and political interests, though, could stop the venture in its tracks.

Russia plans $65bn tunnel to America [The Times (London)]

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