Amazon Gives Me Price $50 Refund On PS3 Even Though It Doesn't Have To

As you may have heard, Sony has slashed the price on its PlayStation 3 gaming consoles by $50. For Consumerist reader DT, who had just received a PS3 from Amazon earlier this week, this good news came a few days too late. Or did it?

Writes DT:

I do a quick bit of research to see if either Amazon or my credit card do a 30-day price guarantee. According to Amazon’s website, they don’t provide the guarantee for anything other than TVs, but being a good Consumerist reader, I figured I had nothing to lose by calling and asking customer service.

I call their 800 number, and am quickly connected with “L.” I ask him about Amazon’s 30-day price guarantee, and he responds that they actually don’t have one. However, he looks up the item on Amazon’s website, notes the date I ordered the product, and immediately offers to process a refund of the $50 difference, despite the lack of a policy requiring him to do so!

I’m an avid fan of Amazon, and this just cemented their place in my mind as a solidly pro-consumer store. Kudos to Amazon and “L”!

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