Offices, Beware The "Yellow Pages Online" Scam

AJ’s office has been targeted by scammers who claim his company owes them for an “Online Yellow Pages” listing. They even have a recording they say is proof of an employee agreeing to the service. The clip is clearly a cut up and re-edited version of an employee saying “yes” and “no” to completely different questions.

AJ writes:

Twice in the past four months my company has received a fax and phone call from a company claiming that we bought an ad for their “Yellow Pages Online” website two years ago. Both of them claimed to have recordings of “verbal agreements” from a previous employee. The recording consists of someone asking questions, and the former employee responding mostly with “yes” or “no” answers.

With a little research online, we discovered that there are dozens of these scams reported online. The scammers cold call you asking to “update their records” of your business, record you answering questions, then doctor the recording to make it sound like you agreed to a $500 charge.

Both the companies AJ got calls from had variations of “Yellow Pages Online” in their name.

This scam seems more of a hassle than anything with sharp pointy teeth, but instruct your employees and colleagues to be wary of someone who calls up asking to verify or “update their records.” It could be a trap!

Has Your Office Encountered The Online Yellow Pages Scam?

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