CitiFinancial Finally Lets Loan Die, Then Sues You

When we last heard from reader Jeff, he was doing battle with CitiFinancial over a loan that refused to die, stuck with a $1 balance that he had been told not to bother paying because the loan was paid in full. Citi then turned around and reported him to credit bureaus as delinquent for not paying the dollar that he had been instructed not to pay. He disputed the ding on his credit report, and heard back from Citi that the debt has been resolved. Then he learned that Citi has filed a judgment against him in Baltimore. For $1.

Thanks for your help. I have received a letter from [CitiFinancial] in the last week saying the issue has been resolved and I do not owe the $1. However I just got a notice on my credit file that they have sued me in Baltimore and that I have a $1 judgement against me. So the saga continues.


CitiFinancial Won’t Let Loan Die, Trashes Your Credit

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