Signs You're About To Be Laid Off

Layoffs are a sorrowful fact of life in this downsizing-obsessed economy, and the earlier you know you’re on the outs, the more time you’ll have to prepare. While it’s counterproductive to over-analyze your work environment while waiting for the inevitable “Can you step into my office?” overture from your supervisor and the HR lady, keeping your eyes open for obvious tells is a good idea.

Bargaineering submits signs that may mean you’re on the chopping block:

*Your boss is keeping his distance. If your routine, how-was-your-weekend catch-up chat with your boss is no longer happening, and he seems to be going out of his way to avoid you, it may be because he knows you’re doomed and can’t stand the guilt of hanging out with you.

*Your long-term projects are no more. It’s tempting to be relieved when a high-intensity presentation gets nixed, but the cancellation could mean that the company knows you won’t be around in a few weeks when it’s due.

*You’re teaching someone how to do your job. A boss may pitch a mentorship and training assignment as an honor and acknowledgment of your experience. But what really may be going on is that you’re handing over your skillset to your lower-paid replacement.

I’m no stranger to seeing these things go down, and to this list I’d like to add copious closed-door meetings to which you’re not invited. What moves have you noticed suits making before they unleash the black death on their workforces?

Five Signs of a Potential Lay Off [Bargaineering]

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