How To Make Sure Your Clients Pay You

Waiting on a paycheck is an agonizing endeavor, and a test of your character, cool and perseverance. Act too early and behave too impatiently and you could lower your value in the eyes of your contracted boss. Stay quiet and you could become an unpaid pushover who accrues terminally long lists of unpaid endeavors.

Biz 3.0 offers a guide for how to be strong in demanding your pay without crossing the imaginary lines of courtesy. Included among the tips:

*Establish deadlines in writing. Just as you’ll have to adhere to deadlines on work assignments, get your client to agree on a pay-by date.

*Collect a down payment.
If you’re working on a large, time-consuming product, it’s reasonable to ask for a percentage upfront. If the client balks, that may be a sign that there’s not enough trust in your relationship to make things work.

*Follow up professionally. If a payment deadline passes, check in immediately, and ask for the date that the money will be sent. If you’re getting the cold shoulder, wait a business week before following up again. Freaked-out “did you get the message about me asking you if you got my message from three days ago” help no one.

If you do freelance work, how do you make sure you’re paid promptly?

How to make sure you always get paid as a freelancer or consultant [Biz 3.0]

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