28 Get Rabies Shots After Apt Complex Infested With Bats


28 different people have had rabies shots as a precaution against the horde of bats that have infested a Baltimore-area apartment complex.

Closing vents and putting up screens haven’t worked.

The bats have colonized the entire complex. During the day they hide inside the building’s walls, and travel through the vents.

“It sounds like people crawling or scratching on the wall,” one resident told CBS Baltimore.

“At night I see them flap around, real close, over top people’s heads,” he added.

Health officials urge anyone who thinks they may have had contact with a bat to get a rabies shot. “Because bats have such small teeth, many people may not even realize they’re been bitten,” or received a scratch, reports CBS Baltimore.

“Once rabies becomes a virus in the human system, said Bill Wiseman of the Harford County Health Department, “people die.”

Apartment Complexes In Harford Co. Infested With Bats [CBS Baltimore]

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