Man With Breast Cancer Can't Get Medicaid Coverage Because He's A Man

While breast cancer in males is not common, it’s no yellow lobster. But a South Carolina state program that provides Medicaid to breast cancer patients in need had to deny a patient because of his Y chromosome.

The patient, a 26-year-old male whose job laying tile doesn’t pay enough for him to pay health insurance premiums, found out he had cancer after going to the emergency room with chest pain.

A patient advocate at the Charleston Cancer Center attempted to set him up with coverage from the aforementioned state-run program, only to have his application denied for his male-ness.

According to WCIV-TV, the state’s Dept. of Health & Human Services blames the problem on the federal government, saying it has repeatedly told the feds that the policy is discriminatory.

Meanwhile, the patient is on his second round of chemotherapy, which his advocate estimates at around $10,000 each. “He’s young. He’s working and he’s worried this could be financially devastating to him,” she says.

“Right now I’m stuck with these bills and I’m trying to find a way,” the patient tells WCIV.

The advocate says she is contacting lawmakers, trying to get the medicaid program changed.

Man battles breast cancer []

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