Woman & Carriage Driver Disagree About Horse's Ability To Pull Carriage

Imagine you’re visiting New York City and you decide to take your family on a ride through Central Park in a horse-drawn carriage. Now imagine that the horse pulling said carriage has a bit of a freak out and collapses mid-ride. What do you do when, moments later, you see that same horse and driver out on the street trying to pick up new passengers?

For one customer, her solution was to confront the driver and capture it all on video (see below, but turn down the volume or put on headphones if you’re at work).

“I’m changed forever. My view on it is changed forever. I was actually afraid for horses on the way out. I didn’t want to get near the carriages,” the customer tells New York’s CBS2.

However, a rep for the Horse and Carriage Driver’s Association says the passenger is “crazy… We followed proper protocol, we brought the horse back to the stable — made sure the horse was fine. And the horse was fine.”

Watch the videos [NSFW LANGUAGE] and judge for yourself.

Tourist Recounts ‘Traumatic’ Experience After Carriage Horse Takes A Tumble [CBS NEW YORK]

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