Study: Spend Less On Food, Get Crappier Nutrition

While healthy eating may save you money in the long run on health care costs and extra-large sweatpants expenses, meeting the federal government’s new nutritional guidelines would require the average American family to spend more on food. In theory, it’s possible to eat nutritiously for cheap, but that’s not how things are playing out in real Americans’ diets. Studying adults in Washington state, researchers found that consuming the government’s recommended amount of just one nutrient–potassium–cost consumers an extra $380 per person, or $1520 per year for a family of four.

Following Federal Guidelines To Increase Nutrient Consumption May Lead To Higher Food Costs For Consumers [Health Affairs]

Healthy eating adds $380 to yearly grocery bill, study shows
[MSNBC] (Thanks, Chuck!)

“Nutrition Plate” Replaces “Food Pyramid”

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