Bikes To Cars: Thank You For Seeing Me!

Thank you, car driver, for seeing me on my bicycle and not hitting me! That’s the message an LA-based Kickstarter campaign aims to get out through a series of tshirts, stickers, and car decals.

The main brand image says “Thank you for seeing me” in thick, friendly, magenta and features a bicycle with hearts for wheels. The designer behind it, Kat Fowler, hopes that by getting out a positive message that rewards good behavior, not running over bicyclists, they can raise awareness about sharing the road. Moreover, the upbeat communication could help soothe the sometimes contentious relationship between cars who edge bikers out and a few rogue riders who break traffic laws and get all huffy about it.

“TYFSM was created in response to the increasing number of cyclists and pedestrians on the road. Being on a bike or on foot among one-ton cars can be a pretty vulnerable experience and we hope this message grows in our communities,” says the website. “We want to send a message of positivity to everyone on the road!”

Clearly it’s branding and marketing, and it’s for sale. You might choose your own way of improving road relations and making yourself visible as a biker to cars, like by using hand signals when turning, lights and reflective tape at night, riding in the bike lane, by occupying your rightful space on the streets so you don’t get squished to the side, and by following the traffic rules so drivers don’t get resentful.

It’s not a bad idea though, bikers could use a bit of an image makeover, otherwise this clips from Porlandia satirizing angry bikers wouldn’t be so funny:

Thankyouforseeingme [Kickstarter] (Thanks to Brooke!))

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