United Flight To Mexico Diverted To Cuba Due To Suspicious Smell On Plane

It’s not easy to fly to Cuba from the United States, but passengers on a United flight from Washington’s Dulles airport to Cancun, Mexico wound up there due to an emergency diversion. When crew members noticed a burning smell that seemed to be coming from the cabin, the flight was diverted to Havana, the location of the nearest available airport.

CNN reports the 135 passengers and five crew members waited in the communist, heavily travel-restricted country for a plane to be ferried in from Cancun to complete the trip.

Although it’s become easier in recent months to fly to Cuba, there are still heavy federal restrictions on who can do so. Outside of religious groups and students making educational trips, few are allowed to travel there.

United flight diverted to Cuba due to ‘unfamiliar’ odor in plane [CNN]

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