Signs That We May Already Be In Another Recession

Ever since word broke that the recession had ended about two years ago, doomsayers have projected a second, “double-dip” downturn could be on the way. While it takes months to verify that recessions have started or ended, there are signs that we may already have started that second dip.

MSNBC compiles a list of several pieces of evidence, including:

*Inflation. Starbucks has raised prices 17 percent to keep pace with skyrocketing wholesale coffee prices, and seasonal clothing is up 20 percent.

*Unemployment. High numbers of jobless consumers mean there is less spending money in the market, causing businesses to suffer. The government also takes a hit, having to cut more aid checks.

*Credit is tightening. Banks have become less willing to lend to smaller businesses because they’re riskier than larger organizations, due to their relatively small customer bases and lower cash flow.

If we head into a second recession, how will you adjust your lifestyle?

10 signs the double-dip recession has begun [MSNBC]

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