The Hidden Costs Of Being Single

When you’ve got to pull your own weight, without a roommate or significant other to help you get by, you may find the burden is harder than you imagined — especially if you’ve recently come out of a relationship.

Give Me Back My Five Bucks states some of the sticker shock she’s found since going it alone:

*Living expenses. Shouldering a rent or mortgage alone can swallow up entire paychecks.

*The need to have a higher emergency fund. If you lose your job, there is no live-in person who can help you get by until you get back on your feet. That means you need to keep more liquid cash tied up in case of a rainy day, or rainy year.

*Maintenance fees. Garbage and many utilities typically cost about the same per household, making another heavy sunk cost of living for singles.

Have you ever entered a romance, or remained living with someone after a breakup, because of financial reasons?

Single? It’s costing you more than you think [Give Me Back My Five Bucks]

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