Fox TV Putting New Episodes Behind Online Paywall

Because people don’t hate Rupert Murdoch and News Corp enough right now, Fox TV has announced that the only way online users will soon be able to access new episodes of its shows is to prove that they are paying cable, Hulu Plus or satellite subscribers.

From Ars Technica:

The changes go into effect on August 15. At that time, Fox and Hulu will stop putting Fox’s shows up the day after they air on broadcast TV. Instead, those who subscribe to the DISH Network service will be able to log into DISH’s website in order to “authenticate” themselves and see the shows immediately online. The company says that DISH will be the first partner for the new system, but that other cable and satellite providers will be “coming soon.” Paying Hulu Plus subscribers will also be able to log into Hulu and see the shows the day after they air.

Don’t have cable/satellite or Hulu Plus? You’ll have to wait at least eight days before you can find out if House will miraculously solve the medical mystery with only minutes to go in the show (Hint: He will).

If you’re not pleased about this, Fox hears your pain (and doesn’t really care).

“We understand that there may be consumers that are unhappy,” said the network’s president of affiliate sales. “If this works, you’re going to see a lot more content online.”

And this could just be the thin edge of the wedge, with ABC and CBS reportedly discussing similar changes to accessing online content. HBO has already launched its HBO Go online service that requires customers to log in via their cable or satellite provider.

Fox challenges cord-cutters by sticking TV shows behind paywall [Ars Technica]

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