Law From 1988 Keeps Netflix And Facebook From Buddying Up

Back in the late 1980s, lawmakers were determined to prevent movie rental companies from publishing customers’ rental history. The Video Privacy Protection Act made violations punishable by $2,500 per offense. Now the law is causing headaches for Facebook and Netflix because it’s reportedly written in a way that would forbid Netflix from publishing your rental history on your Facebook page.

PaidContent examines the law, concluding it would require Netflix to get permission from users every time it sends rental information to a Facebook wall.

Legislators are considering a bill that would ease the restrictions, but for now Netflix-Facebook integration in the United States will have to wait, even as it’s set to arrive in Canada and Latin America.

What would you want out of a Netflix app on Facebook?

The Oddball U.S. Privacy Law That’s Keeping Netflix Away From Facebook [PaidContent]

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