Researcher: 8 Percent Of Android Apps Leak Private Info

Free apps sometimes come at a hidden cost, because malicious software can come in seemingly harmless forms, exposing personal data and sending spammy text messages from users’ accounts. An anti-malware service provider studied 10,000 Android apps found that 800 of the programs were spreading personal data around, and 11 were spamming phony text messages.

Dark Reading reports the findings, which will be presented at a conference in Las Vegas next month, say that the past two years have seen malware on mobile devices double. A researcher predicts that the phenomenon will spread until phone manufacturers and service providers establish methods of handling marketing text messages.

If you’ve discovered your phone has been inflicted with malware, how did you find out, and what damage did it do?

Many Android Apps Are Leaking Private Information, Researcher Says [Dark Reading via Slashdot]

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