Amazon Sends Me A Refund Even Though I Never Asked For One

When companies proactively offer refunds for faulty service, it’s a good thing. But for Consumerist reader Tony, a recent refund notice from Amazon had him scratching his head… because he’d never asked for one and had no desire to do so.

Tony explains:

I rented a video last week through Amazon’s Video on Demand. Today I got an email notifying me that they were refunding me for the rental. I watched the show twice and never had any problems.

When I wrote to Amazon explaining there must have been a mistake I received an email [see below] explaining that Amazon actively tracks the video quality and if it isn’t up to their standards they automatically refund your rental.

Even though I thought the quality was fine, kudos’ to Amazon on this one.

The Amazon e-mail even encourages him to accept the refund even though he didn’t see a reason for it. Tony didn’t mention whether he ultimately accepted the refund or told them thanks, but no thanks. Would you have taken it, even if you didn’t think it was merited?


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