Well-Educated Train Lady Seeks Publicist After Video Rant

The best way to go about repairing your reputation after a YouTube video outs you as a screaming, ranting lady at a train conductor is to hire a publicist. Right? Because instead of lying low and keeping quiet, making more of a fuss will make it all blow over. Such is the tack being taken by “well-educated” train screamer Hermon Raju.

Raju was caught on tape berating a train conductor on the Metro North train in New York, after she was asked to please keep her phone conversation down. Yelling that she was “educated” and therefore couldn’t be some kind of hoodlum, she got her 15 minutes of infamy when a fellow commuter caught the tirade on a smartphone.

The New York Daily News cites a source who says Raju is seeking crisis-management PR experts to shine up her besmirched reputation. The source passed along a letter Raju apparently sent to a firm looking for help.

“The public only knows the two minutes of my dispute that were shown on the video that went viral,” she writes. “However, there was a lot more to the story than those two minutes.

“I can honestly say I feel raped by the Internet,” Raju complains.

Poor screaming train lady. Maybe something to think about the next time you pull out a line like, “Excuse me, do you know what schools I’ve been to and how well-educated I am?”

Hermon Raju, commuter who verbally attacked train conductor, seeking PR expert to fix reputation [New York Daily News]

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