Unorthodox Ways To Rack Up Airline Miles

Sure, you can rack up airline miles the boring way, by flying or using your credit card. But there are more creative methods to build up miles for free trips down the line.

Ultimate Coupons cobbled together the zaniest ways it could find to accrue miles, and came up with some intriguing possibilities.

A sampling of ways to rack up airline miles:

*Conference calls. One conference-calling site mentioned lets you set up conference calls and rack up miles for American Airlines, Delta and United as you talk. We haven’t used the service and can’t vouch for it.

*Movie watching. Netflix has a deal going that lets you earn Delta bonus miles.

*Use electricity. One power company, which offers service in Texas, as well as parts of the Midwest and Northeast, has a rewards program that includes airline miles. Again, try that out at your own risk.

What unique methods have you used to up your airline miles?

Earn Airline Miles By Watching Movies? Crazy Ways To Fly Free [Ultimate Coupons]
(Thanks, Scarlett!)

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