Purdy's Chocolate Finds Stuffed Rabbit, Saves Childhood

Geordie’s five-year old daughter had fallen in love with a stuffed bunny she got from Purdy’s Chocolates during Easter. Then it recently went missing during a trip to the beach. Her daughter missed the bunny terribly, even keeping the bunny’s empty bed next to hers at night. Revisiting the store, they were told there were no more bunnies left. Then, emboldened by reading success stories from other Consumerist readers, Geordie emailed Purdy’s to see if anything could be done. And indeed something could be…

Geordie writes:

Hi, I wanted to pass on this story, which never would have happened if I hadn’t been a Consumerist reader.

Every Easter, Purdy’s Chocolates sells a stuffed bunny rabbit at their store locations. This year, my daughter who is 5 purchased one (with my money :). This stuffed bunny quickly became her favorite friend. My daughter would take it to bed with her every night and tuck it in, and it would also go on trips with us in the car. They were practically inseparable.

Recently, on a trip to the beach, during the packing up, the bunny was missed; By me. My daughter was tired and slept on the way home. When we arrived home, it was soon discovered that the bunny was not with us. We drove back to the beach, and it was nowhere to be found.

This was a little over a month ago. It ‘s been heartbreaking to see how sad she has been, especially at night. She kept the bunny’s bed right beside hers. I have tried buying her other bunnies but they would not do. We visited the Purdy’s store where we bought it and were informed it was a seasonal promotion and not available now. She said even if they had any left over after Easter, they were sent back to a warehouse.

I have never been a person to contact a large company through email, especially for help of any kind, but after so many success stories from people on the Consumerist I gave it a try.

I emailed the Purdy’s support email on a Sunday explaining the story I told here. Early Monday morning, there was an email from Jennifer at Purdy’s saying that they have located a replacement bunny, and it will be at my local Purdy’s store on Wednesday! I was very, very impressed. I didn’t tell my daughter…

Wednesday evening I was ready to take my daughter to the store and get the bunny, but I phoned first, and they said it had not arrived. I still hadn’t told my daughter so it was ok for now.

I replied to the Jennifer’s email Wednesday night saying I just wanted to keep them in the loop, and it didn’t arrive but I will try the next day.

Thursday morning, there was a reply from Jennifer saying they were sorry, there was a mixup with their store delivery and the bunny was being couriered to my house now, and it will arrive by 3pm. My daughter is at a summer camp until 4pm, so this would be perfect!

The stuffed bunny then arrived at 12:30, which was faster than I thought!

When I brought my daughter home I told her there was a present for her from Purdy’s and she immediately ripped open the package and found the bunny. Words can’t describe how she felt, but I know she’ll be sleeping better tonight.

I’ve worked in Customer Service before, and I will say that Purdy’s is in great hands with Jennifer as their front line to the online world.

Thank you again Purdy’s!

Ok guys, I totally got a little misty with that one. That’s just great. Good job Purdy’s and great job Jennifer. You really made a difference for this little girl, giving her a lovely memory she will treasure for the rest of her life. And you bet you know where Geordie is doing her Easter shopping next year.

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