Fewer Kids' Movies Featured Smoking Last Year

Anti-smoking groups have long pressured Hollywood to decrease smoking in kids’ movies, and studios have apparently listened. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report says there were 72 percent fewer smoking incidents in kids’ movies in 2010 than in 2005 levels, dropping from 2,093 instances to 595. Smoking in PG or G-rated films plummeted 94 percent (from 472 instances to 30) in that span.

MSNBC reports that experts believe the decrease came because three major studios that are members of the Motion Picture Association of America implemented polices in recent years meant to cut smoking in movies.

Do you see the reduction in smoking in movies as censorship that works for the greater good, or more of an infringement on the artistic process?

Smoking in kids’ movies decreased in 2010 [MSNBC]

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