Wait Until You Buy Beer At Walmart, Leave Store To Start Drinking

When you need a beer, you need a beer. But the law requires you to wait until you actually own the beer and exit the store, and in many cases, make it all the way home before you start guzzling. A 57-year-old South Dakota man who allegedly plays by his own rules was arrested for tossing caution to the wind and getting his chug on in the Walmart aisles.

Let’s let a local police department spokesperson explain to the AP:

“We have an individual who took the beer theft to a whole new level. (The man) cracked open a can and drank it at Walmart and then tried to put the can back in the case and leave the store.”

Alert store security guards held the man until the police arrested him.

If you’ve ever eaten anything in the store before you bought it, confess your sins in the comments.

Man charged for taking, drinking beer in Walmart [AP via Rapid City Journal]

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