Useful Things You Can Do With Coffee Filters

Coffee filters may not seem all that useful for purposes other than, say, filtering coffee. But you’d be surprised. The cheap and durable paper wonders are veritable Swiss Army knives of household utility. found 25 inventive uses for coffee filters. Some of our favorites include:

*Flower pot liner. Keep potting soil from leaking out of a pot when you water plants.

*Shoe polisher. Just ball up the filter and use it to apply shoe polish. The writer is so frugal, she even stores them in a plastic bag to use them again.

*Ice cream cone wrapper. Wrapping the filter around ice cream cones helps keep them from becoming drippy messes.

What are your favorite alternative uses for coffee filters or other unassuming household products?

25 Alternate Uses for Coffee Filters []
(Thanks, Jeff!)

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