Fetch.io Account Suspended For Overdue Sum of No Dollars

Things can get really tight when it comes to bills, and now and then, having your account suspended due to nonpayment… well, it’s happened to many of us. But what if you don’t owe anything and are then held accountable for not paying that overdue amount of $0? Such was the case for Consumerist reader John W.

He says he signed up for a free account on Fetch.io after seeing it on a tech blog. The cloud storage site will download an entered URL at high-speeds and stream it for you. But after trying it out a few times, John says he was kinda “eh” about the whole thing.

I used it once or twice but the service was still buggy – in my opinion at least – and Fetch.io recently announced they were “going live” with a premium model.

That’s when I received this email (screenshot attached) asking me to contact them immediately, because they’ve suspended my free account for an overdue payment of $0.00.

I’ll ignore the slight irony of a no-reply email address requesting you contact them immediately.

I wonder if any other Consumerists got the same email?

Now glitches can happen, but what are you supposed to do to get someone off your back when you don’t owe any actual money? Especially when there is no contact info included in their request to be contacted immediately?

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