Keep Your Dogs Away From Gum With Xylitol So Their Organs Don't Bleed

Icebreakers gum may be a great way to “break the ice,” but you wouldn’t want to use them to help your dog freshen his breath. Many pet owners aren’t aware that the artificial sweetener inside it and many other products, Xylitol, can be acutely toxic to dogs if the canines eat it. KCBS has the tragic story of one corgi who suffered acute liver failure after he got into a bag of Icebreakers.

KCBS reports:

The dog was bleeding internally. He was jaundiced. All the capillaries in his eyes had burst….

…McClain said that “she said to the doctor when she came in and said I can’t believe this why isn’t there a warning on the label?”

While Billy ate a lot of Xylitol gum, McClain has seen toxicity with a single piece. The symptoms include vomiting, lethargy, loss of coordination, possible collapse and seizures.

Keep anything with Xylitol out of where your dog can get to it. If you think your dog has consumed anything with Xylitol in it, call your vet ASAP.

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