Here Are Some Indivisually Rapt Tipster Submissions

It’s only been a few days since we announced the free Consumerist Tipster iPhone App and we’ve been overwhelmed by all the submissions. But before we head off for the holiday weekend, here are some of the funnier submissions.

To your left is a submission from Spotty, who saw this curious sign at a Los Angeles area Staples and said, “I really hope this was intentional.”

We hope so too, but we’re not willing to gamble actual money on it.

Keep scrolling for more submissions and see even more on the Consumerist Facebook page.

KAREN: “This is not a sale.”
REMO: “Guess which clearance color gives you the best discount?”
SPOTTY: “You would think this was obvious. Evidently not to the employees.”
CAVEAT EMPTOR: “Seems like a rather draconian consequence for accidentally feeding the meter.”

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