How To Learn To Stop Worrying And Love The Gym

Any time spent at the gym rather than on your couch munching on cheese fries is time well spent, but try convincing your brain of that when confronted with the choice of whether to spend a chunk of free time at the gym or the drive-thru. The key is to somehow convince yourself to actually look forward to working out rather than see the activity as a prison sentence.

The Next Great Generation offers advice on how to do just that:

*Eliminate excuses by keeping a bag at hand. Pack workout clothes and snacks and the excuses “I don’t have my stuff” and “I’m hungry” won’t win out.

*Find a gym with hot people. Lust is a powerful motivator, so it certainly doesn’t hurt to choose a workout facility with attractive clientele. Wistful longing has a way of taking your mind off the harsh realities of the treadmill.

*Sign up for a class. A commitment to a regular get-together with an instructor and classmates is tougher to turn down than the shapeless urge to do some squat thrusts on a blue mat.

How do you manipulate your psyche to get yourself to the gym?

How Not To Hate The Gym [The Next Great Generation]

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