Tennessee Lawmakers Pass Bill Making It A Crime To Share Your Netflix Password

If you’ve ever let a friend or family member know your password for subscription services like Netflix or Rhapsody so they can watch a movie or listen to a song, we hope you don’t live in Tennessee, where state legislators have passed a bill making it a crime.

The legislation, which is an expansion of an existing law outlawing cable thievery and the ol’ dine-and-dash, still requires the signature of Governor Bill Haslam. According to the AP, it is the result of lobbying by the recording industry.

Lawmakers say they are going after crooks who sell passwords in bulk but admit that it could be used against regular Tennesseans who share their Hulu Plus password with mom so she doesn’t have to wait a week to watch the newest episode of House.

Tennessee Passes Web Entertainment Theft Bill [NewsChannel5.com]

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