Sears Takes Four Appliances Back, Refunds You For One

By Sears standards, maybe Benjamin was lucky. More than two months ago, he bought two washers and two dryers from his local store to go inside a coset. When they didn’t fit in the appointed space, he sent them back under the rational assumption that Sears would credit him back for the purchase. This was an incorrect assumption.

On April 2nd, 2011, I bought a pair of washers and a pair of dryers from Sears #[redacted]. When they were delivered, they didn’t fit properly in the closets they were intended for, so they were sent back on the truck. That afternoon, my account was credited for ONE of the washers.

It is now over two months later. The balance for the two dryers and one of the washers still appears on my Sears (Read: Citibank) card. I do not owe them a cent, but I am now incurring late fees and have been informed that the 60-day late payment will appear on my credit report. I have been to the store five times, called both customer service for Sears stores and customer service for Sears/Citicard. I have been told that “Help tickets have been submitted,” that “I would receive a call in 5 days or less,” and that “The transaction has been cancelled at the store so you should see a credit in 5-7 business days.” I have yet to see a single dime credited to the account, and I have Citibank collections calling me now.

What do I do!? I have been to the store five times, and called both Sears customer support and Citibank/Sears card support MULTIPLE times. Nobody can tell me anything or has any idea how to fix my problem, but my credit is being damaged every day this problem continues! I’m absolutely furious and frustrated with what seems like such a simple mistake causing lasting damage to my family’s financial situation.

We forwarded Benjamin’s dilemma on to the executive customer service team at Sears, but haven’t heard anything back yet. Depending on the policies of this particular Citibank account, there may still be time to file a chargeback, disputing the charge for the washer and two dryers that Benjamin doesn’t have and weren’t refunded.

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