Ways In Which Sandals Beat Up Your Feet

Summer’s hot weather and casual sensibilities make it difficult to summon the will to go through the socks-and-shoes routine, making sandals seem more appealing. But allowing your feet to breathe can come at the price of injury.

CBS Pittsburgh had a podiatrist try out summer footwear and evaluated the damage it did to his dogs.

He offered a damning analysis of flat rubber flip-flops:

“These are the worst,” Frankel says. “Number one, they’re very flimsy; there’s no support whatsoever. Number two, they’re made out of rubber — so they’re very hot. There’s no breathing at all.”

Tendonitis, blisters and rashes can all result from sandals. And since plastic straps can pinch your feet, the podiatrist advises going with leather or fabric.

What types of sandals do the least damage to your feet?

Flip Flops May Lead To Foot Pain [CBS Pittsburgh]
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