EECB To Time Warner Cable Gets Collections Agency Off My Back

For several months, Consumerist reader Jeff has been stuck in billing hell with Time Warner Cable as TWC has been trying to invoice him for $450 worth of equipment he never leased in the first place. After being assured several times that he didn’t have to pay that part of the invoice, he — of course — ended up receiving a notice from a collections agency.

Having exhausted all the usual routes of resolution, Jeff dropped an Executive E-mail Carpet Bomb on Time Warner Cable higher-ups hoping that someone in authority would at least pay him a moment’s attention.

From Jeff:

Well, after 3 months of dealing with low level service reps with no movement, within 15 hours of sending the EECB I got two phone calls from TWC — one from the office of the president and another from their Dallas office.

Both said the same thing — apologized profusely for this, removed the erroneous $450 charge, notified the collections agency about the error (who will then in turn notify the credit bureaus about the error) and they even credited my account the $107 that was actually due.

So now I owe absolutely nothing, including the early termination fee.

Just a heads up that sometimes, EECB really do work and when they do, it is swift and quick.

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