Toys No Longer Pop Out Of Jack In The Box Kids' Meals

Jack in the Box has made preschoolers’ crayon-scrawled blacklists by removing toys from its kids’ meals last week. A company spokesman said the decision originated not from outside pressure, but for economic reasons. He said the chain’s marketing efforts target frequent adult customers rather than children, and that the company found toys weren’t drawing parents with kids to the restaurants.

Nation’s Restaurant News reports the chain followed the lead of other fast food joints by offering sliced apples and dipping sauce as a kids’ meal alternative to fries.

Says the Jack in the Box spokesman:

“Rather than promote a toy, we’ve focused on the quality of products in our kids’ meals like a grilled cheese sandwich on sourdough, grilled or crispy chicken strips, or a hamburger.”

Jack in the Box posted signs at restaurants informing parents of the no-toy policy. The chain also decluttered its menu, dropping items including the steak teriyaki bowl, the mini sirloin burgers, the chorizo burrito and pita snacks.

Do you think the change will be permanent? If not, how long will it be until Jack in the Box starts offering plastic junk with its kids’ meals once again?

Jack in the Box makes big menu changes [Nation’s Restaurant News via MSNBC]

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