Microsoft Thinks You Actually Want To Use The Kinect To Shout At Interactive Ads

Since Microsoft launched the Xbox 360’s Kinect motion-sensing device last year, the company has hinted at the Kinect’s potential use for advertisers who want to create more interactive ads. Microsoft never asked consumers if they actually wanted this functionality, but that didn’t stop the company from demonstrating it earlier today.

Microsoft showed off five examples of what it calls NUads (for “Natural User,” not a reference to nu metal) at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France.

One demo ad for Adidas just requires the viewer to say “Xbox more” in order to receive an e-mail about Adidas.

Then there’s the ad for NBC’s screech-fest “The Voice.” Just say “Xbox scheduler” during the ad and the show is suddenly in your mobile phone calendar.

Holler “Xbox near me” at the Toyota Prius spot and a Bing map will show you where the nearest dealer is.

And then, for everyone who has desired to Tweet about a Coca-Cola ad but didn’t want to actually go on Twitter, you can just say “Xbox tweet” and — bam! — instant shilling on Twitter!

So really all Microsoft has done is take those interactive “click here” tags on the annoying ads that run during the breaks on Hulu and other sites and given us the opportunity to shout them at a device attached to our TV?

No mention in the AdAge story of whether these ads would only be run on game and video content through the Xbox or if Microsoft intends for the Kinect to be an extension of your TV and cable box.

Because the one thing I definitely do not want is my Kinect listening to me when I’m shouting at the TV (which I never do, of course).

I think I’d rather take Samsung’s smell-o-vision over this.

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