Today In Commercial Oddities, Rob Zombie Directs Terrifying Woolite Ad

Remember that time you couldn’t fall asleep because you were afraid of the big bad monster coming to tear your guts out in some creepy, tumbleweed-blown field, all because you’d just watched a Rob Zombie-directed Woolite commercial? Yes, that’s right. He directed an ad spot for Woolite.

In the commercial, a typical Zombie-esque villain is trudging around and dragging stuff about like evildoers are wont to do, and then he starts in on the horrifying torture. By stretching clothing and fading it and shrinking it! See? Scary movie, but for your clothes!

You can save your garments from a terrifying fate by using Woolite, of course. That’s how these commercials work. Like waking up with Wilco coffee or tossing back some Whitesnake wine. These things all make sense in ad land.

On his official site, Zombie posted an interview he did with blog Spookshow International where he says:

I got a call that this ad agency had pitched this crazy idea to Woolite, and they wanted me to direct it. They essentially wanted a commercial that the first half resembled a horror movie trailer. They needed something along those lines, and they thought I could handle it. It was fun.

Check it out below and we won’t blame you if you want to sleep with the covers over your head tonight.

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