Netflix Stops Streaming Sony Movies Due To Temporary Starz Contract Snafu

In case you were trying to watch Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigalo streaming on Netflix and you were denied, it’s because Netflix and Starz, the pay TV distributor for Sony, are having a “temporary contract issue.”

The Huffington Post says Netflix users were told of the snafu on Friday, when Sony movies were rendered unavailable on the “Watch Instantly” feature. You can still get Rob Schneider mailed to you though, so don’t worry.

Starz said in a statement that “all parties are working diligently to resolve the issue,” and HuffPo cites an insider who says the huge subscriber growth of Netflix triggered a clause in Sony’s agreement with Starz.

Netflix is expected to re-up their deal with Starz, which ends next year. And it’ll be an even cushier deal than the $30 million Starz is paid now by Netflix, as Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said it “wouldn’t be shocking” if Netflix paid more than $200 million per year in the new deal.

Sony Movies Pulled From Netflix Streaming Service OVer Starz Contract Issue [Huffington Post/AP]

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