Let's Talk About Dudes And How Much They Love Fast Food

Fast food restaurants are beloved by many dudes across the country, some for the fries, others for the plethora of hot sauce packets, some even for the quality and diameter of their straws. So says a new spiffy infographic based on a study about the habits of guys and their favorite fast food places.

Lab42 conducted an online survey using social networks, of 500 men between 18 and 35 who had eaten at a fast food restaurant in the last three months, resulting in a neato infographic and some interesting findings regarding six of the nation’s most popular restaurants.

For example, not only do most men (30%) use two packets of hot sauce at Taco Bell, 32% keep 1-5 packets at home for use later.

About 90% of men surveyed had been to McDonald’s in the last month, which makes sense, since 56% rated Mickey D’s as their favorite fries.

Check out the fun findings below, or head over to Lab42 for a bigger version.


American Dudes and Fast Food [Lab42]

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