It Seems Catholic Charity Events And Hooters Don't Mix

Scantily-clad waitresses and Catholic fundraisers for the homeless seem like a perfect match on paper, right? No? Well, those who didn’t think Hooters should host a Catholic St. Louis charity event complained about the concept and convinced planners to cancel it.

Fox 2 St. Louis reports the charity, which raises money for food, clothing, shelter, and job training for homeless people, usually enlists the help of Hooters to donate volunteer efforts and food for the charity’s homeless-aiding efforts. The complaints started when event planners decided they would hold the event at Hooters. An email blast apparently led to the phone calls and online nudges that led to the cancellation.

A homeless man interviewed in the story says he’s disappointed:

“I think that was wrong [to cancel the event]. They’re looking at the religious part of it instead of the beneficiary part of it. You and I would benefit from that. Me, being homeless, I go there [St. Patrick’s Center] all the time trying to find a job, clothing, and everything else.”

Catholic Charities Says ‘No’ to Hooters Girls [Fox 2 St. Louis via MSNBC]

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