No More Chocolate Milk, Corn Dogs Or Chicken Nuggets For L.A. School Students

Almost a year ago, as school boards across the country began to ponder whether or not to keep chocolate milk on students’ lunch menus, we asked readers for their opinions, and 75% of you said that the milky, chocolatey childhood fave should continue to be offered, at least part of the time. The folks at the Los Angeles Unified School District disagree, voting yesterday to take away chocolate milk and other goodies from students at the second largest school district in the nation.

While the chocolate milk debate has garnered the most media attention, the L.A. Times reports on further menu changes:

A menu overhaul is underway that will mean fewer meals that resemble fast food and more vegetarian offerings. Spinach tortellini in butternut squash sauce and California sushi rolls, along with many ethnic foods, are to be added. Corn dogs, chicken nuggets and other breaded items are out, said Dennis Barrett, food services director.

One of the two board members who voted against the flavored milk ban believes that the school district was just starstruck by celeb chef Jamie Oliver, whose Food Revolution show recently focused on Los Angeles and the amount of sugar consumed by school-age kids.

The board member said the vote was swayed by “a TV chef who’s trying to get publicity.. I think we are demonizing milk,” pointing out that the juice served at L.A. schools’ breakfasts has more sugar than flavored milk.

We’re sure you probably have an opinion on this matter. Please share with the rest of the class in the comments.

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