Has Blendtec Finally Met Its Match With Super-Tough Cell Phone?

Blendtec’s super-powered blenders have rarely failed at their “Will it blend” challenges, but the Sonim XP3300 Force, a super-tough cell phone that has survived everything from being encased in concrete to being dumped in -25 degree antifreeze, posed a unique challenge.

Wired has the play-by-play:

It takes a while for the Blendtec to get its teeth into the phone, which spends most of its time skittering around on top of the whirling knives below. At last, the battery cover succumbs and the whole mess disappears into a puff of toxic gray smoke.

When the torture stops, though, the phone seems to have survived pretty well. Its shell is worn smooth, but it’s still unmistakably a phone. I have the feeling that if you swapped in a new battery, the thing would probably accept a call.

Blendec claims the phone “mostly blended,” but it looks like the blender may have finally found something it can’t demolish.

World’s Toughest Blender Vs. World’s Toughest Phone: Fight [Wired.com]

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