Glitch In Best Buy Website Changes Your Shipping Address To Another Customer's

If by some slim chance you have an account on, you might want to check it out to make sure your information is correct, as a glitch in the website’s customer database has reportedly led to customer addresses (and who knows what else) showing up in the wrong account.’s Gary Merson shares his own story of logging on to Best Buy’s site, only to find that his shipping address and telephone number had been changed to someone else’s. If he’d bought something and whisked through the shipping info page without paying attention, his purchase would have ended up in Houston instead of his home in New York.

Concerned that his account may have been hacked or that this might in some way be related to the massive Epsilon e-mail breach from earlier this year, Gary contacted Best Buy and actually managed to get someone on the phone:

She stated there was no hack, but rather the database at Best Buy was corrupted by a glitch which caused customer data to be intermingled with other customers. This was hardly reassuring as it is a complete loss of privacy of information believed to be secure, is a violation Best Buy’s customer privacy statement, and no notification has been issued by Best Buy warning customers of this problem.

So, as mentioned above, it would probably behoove anyone with a account to check on your information. Changing your password and deleting any stored credit card info might not hurt either, just in case there is a bigger problem with the database than the CSR was letting on.

Best Buy Customer Data Hacked? []

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