Computer Tech Allegedly Snaps Nude Pics Of Victims With Their Own Machines

A warning to computer owners everywhere: If someone who repairs your machine advises you to set up your laptop in a place in which it can potentially see you when you step out of the shower, beware that he might have tricked you into taking naked pictures of yourself for him.

The Los Angeles Times reports a repairman was arrested for doing just that, allegedly harvesting hundreds of thousands of lurid photos of unsuspecting female victims. He installed a spyware program on their machines and set up official-sounding messages that advised victims to place computers in “steamy environments,” such as near a shower, to “clean its internal sensor.”

The accused man was a student of Los Angeles’s Biola University, and many of his alleged victims were students. He no longer attends the school.

Be careful out there, and remember that the real way to clean a computer’s internal sensor is to have sex in front of your webcam as often as possible. Joking.

Computer repairman accused of taking nude pictures of women remotely [Los Angeles Times]
(Thanks, Brett and Jon!)

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