Some DSi Download Games Won't Transfer To 3DS

Nintendo handheld game enthusiasts who bought 3DSs when the system was released in late April have had to hold on to their DSi units for more than a month while the company prepared a system update that will let them transfer downloaded games from the old system to the new one. Now that the update, scheduled for Monday, is upon us, Nintendo says some of the games won’t transfer over due to licensing issues.

Siliconera unveils the list of 19 games and apps that are forever stuck on the DSi. My favorites from the list are the drawing tutorial Art Academy games, animation program Flipnote Studio, a pair of Real Soccer titles and the beloved Oregon Trail.

Games transferred to the 3DS will not be transferable back to the DSi.

Nintendo’s long-awaited update is also adding a browser that lacks Flash support, as well as a store that sells old GameBoy games and 3D-modified old-school console games. The shop will give away a free 3D version of Excitebike for 30 days, as well as a Pokemon-themed app.

If you have a 3DS, what do you think of the system so far?

These Nintendo DSiWare Games Won’t Transfer Over To Your Nintendo 3DS [Siliconera via GamePro]

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