Replace A Damaged Cellphone For Cheap

Rats. You just threw your phone across the room in a rage and now it’s broken. Once you regain control of your temper you decide to see about getting it repaired and find out it will almost cost as much as the phone to get it fixed. Either that, or you have to pay the full unsubsidized price to replace it because you’re not eligible for an upgrade. Turns out, as pointed out by the company insiders posting over at, a better idea is to call up customer customer service and ask them nicely to move your upgrade forward.

If you’re a good loyal and profitable customer and sweet talk the customer service rep, you just might be able to get them to sell you a new fully subsidized phone without having to wait two years from your last upgrade. Bear in mind that doing so will usually lock you into a new two-year contract.

Never hurts to ask!

The tip was posted in the AT&T section but it could work with other carriers as well.

(Another option for replacing a phone for cheap is to buy a used one on eBay or Craigslist.)

Replace A Damaged Phone For Cheap [Insidr]

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