Friskies Debuts Free iPad And Android Games For Your Cat

It’s a scientifically proven fact that cats love iPads, or at least love to smack things around that move. A few app developers have capitalized on this trend, making games specifically designed for cats. Some cats think that touchscreens are the greatest thing since feathers on a stick. Supposedly, touchscreens are tougher than claws, so the devices won’t be damaged. In a brilliant marketing move, Purina, maker of Friskies, ran with this idea and has created free Android Tablet and iPad games for felines.

Purina brags that the games have been “researched and tested for maximum feline fun.” (Dogs, of course, are not enthralled with the device.) Maybe our benevolent overlords at Consumers Union will let our cats borrow a lab and some iPads to see if the fun is really maximum.

How do you objectively measure feline fun, anyway?

Games for Cats! [Friskies]

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