Homeowners Bring Sheriff's Deputies To Bank Of America Branch To Collect Unpaid Debt

Earlier today, in a move not terribly dissimilar to the Philadelphia homeowner who attempted to “foreclose” on Wells Fargo, a Florida couple showed up at a Bank of America branch with two sheriff’s deputies, ready to claim office assets to satisfy an unpaid debt.

The couple had been the defendants in a foreclosure lawsuit filed by BofA, at least until the bank realized it had made a mistake and dropped the suit. That’s when the couple began the Sisyphean ordeal of trying to recoup the $2,534 in legal fees they were owed by the bank.

They tell News-Press.com that they made numerous attempts to contact the bank, even sending a registered letter to BofA’s general counsel. When all that failed, it was time to bring in the sheriff.

“I don’t know of any other way way we could have done it,” their lawyer says.

Before the deputies could get around to claiming the bank’s furniture for the couple, the branch manager interceded and claims to have cut a check that satisfies the debt.

Bank of America pays debt instead of losing furniture after deputies show up to collect [news-press.com]

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