Xbox Gamer Allegedly Tricks SWAT Team Into Investigating Rival's Home

An online gaming disagreement turned into a nightmare for a gamer who refused to do the bidding of a person he spoke to over Xbox Live. The victim alleges a rival somehow discovered his name, address and phone number, then falsely reported a murder-suicide at his home, causing a SWAT team to descend on his home.

The Register-Guard (Eugene, Ore.) reports police determined the call was bogus, and the victim said he ticked the caller off by refusing to give him in-game content while playing the Xbox Live Indie game FortressCraft. The culprit allegedly used software to make it appear as though a 911 call came from the victim’s house. Police say they are unable to trace where the call actually came from.

The victim said he was threatened before the 911 call was made:

“He brought it to my attention, like ‘I have this information on you, and you should protect it.’ “

If you game online, what’s the creepiest encounter you’ve experienced?

911 hoax behind SWAT response [Register-Guard (Eugene, Ore.) via Kotaku]

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